Engraving glass

Luxigo has the ability to engrave glass, with cutting the glass becomes too hot causing it to break.

Luxigo has a few wine glasses and shot glasses in stock. On our products page you can order it including engraving.

To engrave round objects we use a special turning machine in which we can place a maximum diameter of 14 cm. Engraving wine glasses, for example, is therefore possible. The video below shows how we engrave glasses with our CO2 lasers. We “slightly” damage the top layer of the glass, making it whitish and the engraving becomes visible.

It is of course also possible to engrave glass plates. The engraved part will therefore turn whitish so that the engraving becomes visible. For engraving mirrors we have 2 options to do it. We can engrave the front of a mirror so that the engraving turns white on the glass. But we can also engrave the mirror layer away at the back of the mirror. This makes the engraved parts transparent again. You can look through the mirror at the places where the engraving took place.

For surface engraving, we set the speed of the laser head and the power of the laser in our software. With flat engraving, the laser head goes back and forth quickly, whereby the laser head always drops with a certain interval. The interval varies between 0.03 to 0.1 mm, we set the size of the interval ourselves and depend on the size of the object to be engraved. For small texts, we make the interval smaller so that the engraving looks tighter. When engraving larger areas, we also increase the interval so that the engraving will go faster.

Do you want to engrave your own material? Please contact us in advance. We can then often determine what the options are.

Surface engraving on beer glass

Surface engraving wine glass

Surface engraving backside mirror