Cutting and engraving Wood

Cutting and engraving wood is no problem at Luxigo.

On our materials page you can find plates of wood that we have in stock. Wood types can be found from 2 mm to 12 mm.

In addition to our own range, it is no problem to supply your own material. We can lower the bed of our machines 30 cm, this makes it possible to engrave objects with a height of 30 cm.

We can cut some materials, such as MDF, poplar plywood and birch plywood up to a thickness of 15 mm, but we do not have this in stock but can be supplied by yourself. For some other types of wood we can cut thicker sheets, for example it is also possible to cut pallet boards.

We can cut, line and surface engrave wood. In the video below it is made clear what the differences are between those options. We can set the speed of the laser head and the power of the laser in our software. By cutting material we use a lower speed and use a lot of power, by line engraving the laser head moves faster over the material with less power and with surface engraving the laser head goes back and forth quickly, with an interval of 0.03 to 0.1 mm each time. The size of the interval depends on the size of the object to be engraved.

Do you want to supply your own material? No problem, but contact us first. We can then often determine in advance what the possibilities are for cutting and / or engraving the material.

Cutting of MDF

Line engraving on Birch triplex

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