Wooden Design Lamps


Luxigo collaborates with some other companies to make products. This is also the case with VanderWerffDesign! Luxigo cuts all self-supplied boards of wood, after which they are manufactured into unique wooden lamps and furniture.

Van der Werff Design

Tomas van der Werff (1992) is an industrial designer from Rotterdam. In 2020 he started his design studio van der Werff design in Delft. In his work he emphasizes natural, sustainable and handmade products. He mainly uses wood and laser cutting techniques.

The idea for his own studio started when acquaintances asked him to design a lamp. They didn’t know where to start looking for the right lamp. A tailor-made lamp was the perfect solution.

Together with his customers, he looks for the best design. He can then quickly realize a tailor-made lamp by means of laser cutting. In addition, a number of designs from his permanent collection are sold in the webshop.

Van der Werff design designs and assembles all the lamps in-house, but manufactures at Luxigo.

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