Corporate Identity Luxigo

Huisstijl Luxigo


Lasersnijden in Delft bij Luxigo
Luxigo - Lasersnijden en graveren

The logo has two different variations: complete logo with logo and word mark & the logo separately.
The logo may be scaled, but only in the correct proportions as supplied.


CMYK (0, 84, 85, 0)
RGB (247, 67, 37)
Hex #F54325

CMYK (38, 32, 32, 2)
RGB (170, 165, 160)
Hex #AAA5A0

The logo is supplied in color and white in various file types for web and print.
Use CMYK for print communications, RGB for display communications & Hex for websites.


The font used for the letters in the word mark is Walkway Ultrabold.
The font Walkway Semibold is used for texts.
The letters of luxigo in the logo are designed by ourselves.