How works Lasercutting • Instructions


Make your outer cutting lines black, so this is not the work surface or outer contour of the entire drawing. Make internal cutting lines red. Internal cutting lines falls within the outer contour, think of, for example, holes. 


Instead of engraving a surface which is time consuming, it is also possible to cut lines with the laser quickly and with low power. It is a kind of drawing on the material. Make these lines green.


Here, the laser moves as a printer and burns the layer in the material. As a result, it will recessed your layer in the material. Make surface engraving parts blue. 


Double lines, cross lines and open contour lines must be removed from the drawing for the best result. Double lines in a drawing ensure a longer cutting and/or engraving time. In addition, the result will become less accurate. Cross lines can often be connected or combined to limit cutting and/or engraving time. Open contours can prevent an object from being cut properly

Especially with surface engraving it is essential to pay close attention to these lines.

Note: make sure texts are outlined.

By making a outline of the texts, texts are no longer seen as a font but as lines. These lines always remain in the right place in the drawing where texts as a fonts sometimes want to jump or, if we do not have the font, they are not displayed properly.


Luxigo | Afmetingen - Onze maximale afmetingen voor lasersnijden

The maximum size for laser cutting of materials is 1200 mm x 900 mm.

For surface engraving, a maximum size of 1150 mm x 900 mm can be done. Because the laser head goes back and forth like a printer, the laser needs 25 mm extra space on both sides to move.

We can lower the bed in our machines by 300 mm. This makes it possible to engrave objects with a height of 300 mm. These objects must fit within the 1200 x 900 mm range.

We can also open the machine at the front and back. This allows longer objects with a maximum width of 900 mm and a height of 30 mm.

Please note: our materials have standard dimensions of 900 x 600 mm, 600 x 400 mm and 300 x 200 mm. Plates larger than 900 x 600 mm can be supplied by yourself after consultation.


Maintain a margin of at least 5 mm in relation to the work surface (the size of the plate).

The plates are manually placed under the laser head and the starting point determined by the eye. With a margin of 5 mm, we have enough clearance to lay the plates in such a way that everything fits perfectly.

Luxigo | Margerand - Houd een margerand van minimaal 5mm aan


Place as many parts as possible that should be cut from the same material on one work surface.

Maintain a space of at least 1 mm between the various components. Are there many of the same squares in the drawing? Put them tightly together so that the double lines can be removed again. This will saves cutting time.


Luxigo works easiest with working drawings that are saved as .AI (Illustrator), .DXF (CAD Programs), or .RLD (RDWorks – Laser Software).

These file types can be loaded directly into the laser software.

Other file types such as .svg, .eps, .dwg, .jpg, .png, .psd cannot be opened directly in the laser software, so we must first convert these files.

Note: Make sure texts are outlined. This transforms letters into lines that are easy to import in the laser software.

The “create outline” function can be used in Illustrator. In CAD programs there is often an “Explode” command which converts the texts into lines.


Luxigo uses the RDWorks laser program (free) to load drawings and download them to the machines.

Luxigo also has Adobe Illustrator,  Inkscape (free) and FreeCad (free) and QCad (free).

With these programs it is possible to create vector files that are suitable for the laser software.

Are you looking for a free vector program or do you want to get started with the RDWorks laser software? Download the various free programs below.

Don’t you want a program running on your pc, try the free online editors. You can save your drawings as .svg which we can open in our software.


RDWorks - Luxigo

Luxigo | Lasersnijden en graveren



FreeCad (Free)

FreeCad - Luxigo


QCad - logo (Custom)

Online Editor


Vecteezy logo


Vectr - Logo (Custom)


Luxigo has made instructions for the following programs. Try to keep the following settings as much as possible and/or to follow the instructions as much as possible so that we can prepare and e-mail a quotation as quickly as possible.


Outer cuttingline: Black- rgb(0,0,0) – stroke: 0,05mm

Internal cuttingline: Red – rgb(255,0,0) – stroke: 0,05mm

Line engraving: Green – rgb(0,255,0) – stroke: 0,05mm

Surface engraving: Blue – rgb(0,0,255) – fill (no stroke)


We do our best to write instructions for the other programs too!






Luxigo | Solidworks




Luxigo does not have separate templates for all programs. We do our best to make as many instructions and templates as possible so that it becomes increasingly easier for everyone to deliver good drawings.

Below are our available templates: