We use standard prices for laser cutting, engraving and designing orders.

The total cost of laser cutting depends on the following factors:

Prices are excluding VAT.

And als excluding the materialcosts and any urgent delivery costs



Need help with desiging?

Luxigo offers professional service to convert your idea or picture into the correct format for lasercutting.

Please contact us for the possibilities.

Lasercutting and Engraving


After receiving the uploaded file, the cutting time will be calculated.

You will receive a quotation as soon as possible. After confirmation, we will get to work!

Start-up costs are €10,-.

Upload File

Material and Size

We deliver our materials (in stock) in standard dimensions, check our materials page for the available materials, dimensions and prices.

Cut- and/or Engraving time

We import a received drawing into our laser software. Here we can set the speed at which the laser should cut or engrave. The cutting and engraving speeds depend on the material type and thickness.

The laser software then displays the time required to complete the drawing. Based on this time, we prepare a quotation and sne dit back to your mail. After agreement we will cut.

To prepare the quotation as smoothly as possible, we would like to receive the drawings as explained on the instruction page.

Delivery time

After approval of the quotation, we make the order within 2 to 5 working days. The delivery time depends on the size of the order and the occupation of the machines.

Delivery time – Urgent order

We can deliver urgent jobs within 1 to 2 working days depending on the size of the order and our stock. For urgent jobs, an additional 30% is charged on the cutting costs.


If the order has to be sent, we charge the following shipping costs within the Netherlands:

  • Mailbox package: € 3,27 (up to 1 kg)
  • Normal package: €5,74 (up to 30 kg and dimensions of 900 x 600 mm)
  • Large package: € 11,53 (up to 30 kg and dimensions of 1200 x 900 mm)

Shipping to Belgium & Germany:

  • Package: €9,90

Shipping to Luxemburg & France:

  • Package: €14,50