Engraving and cutting of Kraftplex

Luxigo has Kraftplex in stock in sheets of 1 mm and 1.5 mm. Kraftplex can be cutted and engraved.

Kraftplex is made from 100% unbleached FSC wood fibers from sustainable softwood. The manufacturing process uses a unique production process that requires water, pressure and heat. No chemical additives, bleaches or binders are required. This makes the material very environmentally friendly and is completely biodegradable.

A Kraftplex plate is a good alternative to materials such as a metal plate, composite plate or a plastic plate. Kraftplex sheets are flexible and formable, but very difficult to break. Luxigo can cut Kraftplex plates into the right shape and / or engrave the plates. Kraftplex can also be treated with paints, varnishes, oils or adhesives.

Lijngraveren van Kraftplex bij Luxigo