Which materials can be cut by Luxigo

The maximum size for cutting materials is 1200 x 900 mm. A maximum size of 1150 x 900 mm applies to engraving.

We can lower the bed in both machines by 300 mm. This makes it possible to engrave objects with a height of 300 mm.

We can also open the machine at the front and back. This allows longer objects to enter. For such longer objects, the height must be a maximum of 30 mm.

There is a broad selection of materials which can be laser engraved, but not all can be efficiently lasercut. The most commonly used materials for cutting are wood and acrylic. A variety of these will always be in stock in.

The following materials are in stock in the following sizes:

Wood and Acrylic:

  • 300 x 200 mm
  • 600 x 400 mm
  • 900 x 600 mm


  • 700 x 500 mm


  • 560 x 340 mm

Own material and/or materials with bigger sizes up to 1200 x 900 mm can be provided by yourself after contact.

The tables below indicate whether we have it in stock, and whether we can engrave and/or cut the material. Afterwards prices for the materials in stock are listed per tab.


In stock: Yes

Engraving: Yes

Cutting: Yes


In stock: Yes

Engraving: Yes

Cutting: Yes


In stock: Partly

Engraving: Yes

Cutting: No


In Stock: No

Engraving: Yes

Cutting: No


In Stock: No

Engraving: Yes

Cutting: Yes


In Stock: No

Engraving: Yes

Cutting: Yes

Only purchasing material is also an option with us, you pay 10% extra compared to the prices listed below.

All prices are including VAT.

It is possible to cut and engrave wood.

The following types of wood are in stock, other types/sizes can be ordered or supplied after consultation.

Materiaal300 x 200 mm600 x 450 mm900 x 600 mmImage
MDF 2mm€0,52€2,16€3,92
MDF 3mm€0,71€2,95€5,36
MDF 4mm€0,87€3,60€6,55
MDF 6mm€0,95€3,92€7,14
MDF 9mm€1,13€4,64€8,44
MDF 12mm€1,22€5,05€9,18
MDF 3mm wit (eenzijdig)€0,86€3,53€6,43
MDF 3mm zwart (tweezijdig)€0,89€3,68€6,70
MDF 3mm geprint Eiken Naturel (eenzijdig)€1,41€5,82€10,58
MDF 3mm geprint Essen Wit (eenzijdig)€1,41€5,82€10,58
Berkentriplex 3mm€1,49€6,16€11,20
Berkentriplex 4mm€1,87€7,70€14,00
Berkentriplex 6mm€2,87€11,82€21,49
Berkentriplex 9mm€3,51€14,49€26,34
Populierentriplex 4mm€1,24€5,13€9,33
Populierentriplex 5mm€1,34€5,52€10,04
Populierentriplex 6mm€1,67€6,89€12,53
Populierentriplex 9mm€2,01€8,29€15,08
Populierentriplex 12mm€2,48€10,22€18,59
Vliegtuigtriplex 1mm€4,90€20,20€36,72
Vliegtuigtriplex 2mm5,4722,5741,04
Oukeme 4mm€1,67€6,13€12,54
Oukeme 6mm€2,32€8,50€17,39
Acrylic is available in many shapes and sizes, and we can cut (up to 12 mm thickness) as well as engrave. See the table below for the acrylic types that we have in stock. Our range can also be found on Acryl op Maat, in this webshop there are clearer pictures with the acrylic types.

Did you find a piece of acrylic in the “Koopjeshoek” of Acryl op Maat and would you like to use it for laser cutting at Luxigo? Enter Luxigo as discount code and a Shipping option will appear to use at Luxigo (Gebruik bij Luxigo).

Thickness tolerances:

Extruded (XT): Hardly any difference in thickness

Casted (GS): 0.4 mm +/- 10% of the nominal thickness

Materiaal300 x 200 mm600 x 400 mm900 x 600 mmImage
Transparant 2mm (XT)€2,38€8,74€17,88
Transparant 3mm (GS & XT)€4,10€15,05€30,79
Transparant 4mm (GS & XT)€5,27€19,31€39,49
Transparant 5mm (GS &XT)€6,58€24,13€49,35
Transparant 6mm (GS)€7,90€28,96€59,23
Transparant 8mm (GS)€10,53€38,61€78,97
Transparant 10mm (GS)€13,16€48,26€98,72
Wit 2mm (XT)€4,22€15,49€31,68
Wit 3mm (GS & XT)€4,78€17,51€35,82
Wit 4mm (GS & XT)€5,53€20,27€41,46
Wit 5mm (GS & XT)€6,91€25,34€51,83
Wit 6mm (GS)€8,29€30,40€62,19
Wit 8mm (GS)€11,06€40,54€82,93
Wit 10mm (GS)€13,78€50,51€103,33
Zwart 2mm (XT)€4,04€14,81€30,29
Zwart 3mm (GS & XT)€4,72€17,31€35,41
Zwart 4mm (GS & XT)€6,05€22,19€45,39
Zwart 5mm (GS)€7,57€27,76€56,78
Zwart 6mm (GS)€9,08€33,30€68,12
Zwart 8mm (GS)€13,22€48,49€99,18
Zwart 10mm (GS)€15,13€55,49€113,51
Opaal 3mm LT= ± 55% (GS)€4,87€17,84€36,50
Gekleurd 3mm (GS) (geel, oranje, rood, bordeauxrood, groen, donkergroen, blauw, donkerblauw, grijs)€4,87€17,84€36,50
Transparant gekleurd 3mm (GS) (lila, paars, geel, oranje, rood, donkergroen, donkerblauw)€4,87€17,84€36,50
Transparant fluor 3mm (GS) (geel, oranje, rood, groen, blauw)€5,92€21,72€44,42
Satijn 3mm (GS) (fluor geel, roze, cyclaamrood, kersrood, bordeauxrood, lichtblauw, nachtblauw, champagne, antraciet, helder, lichtopaal, glaslook, wit, zwart)€5,67€20,78€42,50
Spiegel 3mm (XT) (antraciet, blauw, rood, zilver, goud)€8,39€30,75€62,90
Doorkijkspiegel 3mm (XT) (Two-way Mirror)€14,18€51,98€106,32
It is possible to cut and engrave cardboard!

We have cardboard in stock which are shown below.

Note: deviating dimensions of 700×500 mm!

Materiaal700 x 500 mm800 x 600mm1160 x 760mm
Grijs 1mm€1,95
Grijs 2mm€3,10
Grijs 3mm€4,09
Wit 1mm€2,35
Wit 1,5mm€3,24
Wit 2mm€3,92
Wit 3mm€5,10
Premium Karton Bruin 1mm€3,86
Premium Karton Bruin 2mm€7,86
Premium Karton Bruin 3mm€9,48
Houtkarton Wit 0,7mm€2,91
Houtkarton Wit 1mm€3,81
Houtkarton Wit 1,5mm€5,05
Houtkarton Wit 2,5mm€9,11
Houtkarton Wit 3mm€11,90
Houtkarton Wit 4mm€16,70
3mm Golfkarton€1,48€3,54
Kraftplex is a sturdy and flexible material that is available thinly.

We have the following Kraftplex plates in stock.

Note: deviating sizes of 560 x 340 mm.

Materiaal560 x 340 mm900 x 600 mmImage
Kraftplex 0,8mm€10,98
Kraftplex 1mm€8,1823,20
Kraftplex 1,5mm€11,58
PolyBloc is a hard foam that we can cut and engrave. We have it in stock up to 30mm thickness.

Ideal material for inlays.

We have the following PolyBloc sheets in stock.

Materiaal300 x 200 mm600 x 400 mm900 x 600 mm
PolyBloc 5mm (niet op voorrad)€0,94€3,46€7,07
PolyBloc 10mm€1,47€5,39€11,02
PolyBloc 15mm (niet op voorraad)€2€7,34€15,10
PolyBloc 20mm€2,69€9,87€20,20
PolyBloc 30mm€4€14,68€30,02
We are able to engrave wine glasses with text and / or logos. The engraved part becomes matte white. Examples can be seen in our portfolio.

By placing an extra part in our machine it becomes possible to engrave round objects.

The largest diameter that fits in our machine is 140 mm! With this diameter we are also able to engrave some wine coolers.

Note: It is important that we can properly focus the laser head on the wine glass, glasses with a large bulge are limited with engraving.

We can also engrave glass in a completely different way. With our laser, for example, we can give mirrors a personal touch by engraving away a portion on the back. The engraved part then becomes transparent in the mirror, making the engraving clearly visible.

An example can be found in our portfolio!

We can cut and engrave the following types of rubber:

  • Silicone rubber
  • Synthetic rubber
  • Natural rubber
  • Micro-porous foam

Because of safety and health we cannot just cut every rubber.

For example, rubber can be used to cut gaskets exactly to size.

In addition, rubber is also widely used to create your own personal stamps. Luxigo has a special odorless rubber stamp for sale!

Materiaal297 x 210 mm (A4)
Stempelrubber 3,2mm€14,00
Unfortunately, we cannot cut metals, but we can engrave them!

From aluminum to copper is no problem. By applying a special engraving paste to the material, the engraving is applied to the material.

We can engrave anodized metal without engraving powder. Here the laser will “damage” the anodized layer. For exemple, the engraving will appear whitish on a black anodized plate.

Note: An engraving does not get deeper into the metal.

Leather and fabric are no problem for engraving and/or cutting!