Engraving metal

Luxigo has the ability to engrave metals, unfortunately cutting is not possible.

We do not have metal plates in stock. This can always be supplied yourself. The maximum dimensions of the working area in our machines for engraving are 1150 x 900 mm. We can lower the bed of our machines by 30 cm, which makes it possible to engrave objects with a height of 30 cm.

We also have the option to engrave on round objects. For round objects we can place a maximum diameter of 14 cm in our turning machine. This makes it precisely possible to engrave, for example, aluminum wine coolers.

We can engrave metal by using a special engraving powder. This powder causes a reaction on the top layer of the metal, so that the object to be engraved is burned in black. The engraving is on the metal and not in it like milling. We can burn it hard so that the engraving does not wear off quickly.

For surface engraving, we set the speed of the laser head and the power of the laser in our software. With surface engraving, the laser head goes back and forth quickly, with the laser head always falling with an interval. The interval varies between 0.03 to 0.1 mm, we set the size of the interval ourselves which depends on the size of the object to be engraved. For small texts, we make the interval smaller so the engraving will be done in smaller steps which makes the engraved object nicer. We increase the interval by engraving larger areas.

Because we do not have any metal in stock, you must always provide your own material for this. Please contact us in advance. We can then often determine the possibilities for engraving the material.

Surface engraving on a knife

Line engraving on a ruler

Metaal graveren bij Luxigo

Surface engraving on wine cooler