Luxigo has moved

Ever since Luxigo was founded in 2014, it has always been a dream to have a building with several creative companies.

The first years Luxigo was located in anti squat buildings. Buildings with several creative companies, but it was always difficult to grow with a future perspective. How long could we sit? An advantage of anti-squat is that Luxigo could start with relatively low fixed costs the first years.

The company has now grown and I have graduated since 2019. After my studies I wrote a longer-term plan and I decided to focus myself full time on entrepreneurship.

At the end of 2019 I started looking for a new building where I could grow in the coming years and where I could stay for several years without any problems. This building was found on the Rotterdamseweg in Delft. In February 2020 Luxigo moved together with Ewoud and his company MTB3D!

After some renovations we were established and had a nice space left. Tomas van vanderwerffdesign has moved into our building since April 2020. As a result, we now occupy the building with 3 young entrepreneurs and a few employees. My dream of a beautiful building with creative entrepreneurs has therefore come true.

Are you curious about what happened in the building? Below are the established companies. If you want to come by, that is also possible! The coffee is (almost) always ready!

Established companies in the building:

WoodyMaps | Your City In Wood
SilentDiscoDelft - Geruisloos Feesten