An quotation is made at Luxigo with the following information:

  • Quotation date;
  • Quotation data;
  • Customer data;
  • Any comments on request;
  • Cutting and/or engraving time;
  • Material costs;
  • Starting costs;
  • Shipping costs.

When uploading a file we ask for the customer data, any comments and the required materials and thicknesses.

With the material data, Luxigo can calculate the cutting and/or engraving times in the laser software. The thicker the material, the slower we cut. The larger a surface, the longer the machine is busy engraving.

To receive a quotation quickly, it is important to provide the drawings as well as possible as described in our instructions. Fewer ambiguities means a faster quotation!

As soon as the materials and the cutting and/or engraving time is known, a quotation will be made. The amount of minutes and the minute price (as stated in our pricing) and the required materials are entered in the quotation.

At the bottom of the quotation are the € 10 start-up costs and any shipping costs.

Example of an quotation by Luxigo