Tea Houses from Cardboard

Theehuis 4 - Tea Houses from Cardboard
To get cozy in the Japanese atmosphere, these tea houses are designed by Nico Schouten. The covers are cut to size and the lines engraved, the last few pages of the book are really special. These contain a kit for the teahouse, which nevertheless gives the extra dimension to this booklet.

Bottle of Water

Kopi Dua 11 - Bottle of Water
Kopi Dua Coffee is all about creating a special coffee experience. To make this special experience even more special, we have engraved the Kopi Dua logo in the water bottles. Doesn't this complete the picture?


Spiegel 2 - Mirror(less)
By partially removing the shiny back of the mirror, a transparent area is created. This way the engraved image gets the color of the back wall. For when you want to enjoy the sunshine or when you just want to look at yourself in a different way. Because who is the most beautiful in the...

Marine Beer

Marinier bier 3 - Marine Beer
Thanks to handy tools we can also engrave round things. Here a good example of a glass with the Marine Corps logo engraved on it. Our boys must of course also drink beer. If you also want to personalize glasses, please contact us.