Are you looking for a laser cutting company that can produce single or multiple products? Then you’ve come to the right place at Luxigo. With multiple laser machines it is possible to cut prtoducts quickly.

In addition to customization for customers, I also cut many products. These are own products for the Webshop but also products that are cut for companies.

Standard Products

If you plan to order standard products from us more often, we agree on a unit price including material. We will do this for different amount of products. The more you order at once, the cheaper it gets. By using these unit prices, we can get started quickly, without too much email contact and drawing up quotations, which means that the €10,- start-up costs will be canceled.

Luxigo is also open to a partnership where your products are offered in the Luxigo Webshop for a small fee. If a product of yours is sold through our webshop, we will notify you. If you have the products in stock, you can ship them yourself, if there is no stock, we can cut the product for you within a very short time.


If you are interested in such a collaboration, please fill in the form below.

I will respond to this as soon as possible with a nice proposal!

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    At Luxigo we cut most materials up to a thickness of 12mm. On the materials page you can see what is in stock and what is being cut. If you want to cut a special material, we can always discuss this. Supply your own material? No problem!

    We mainly cut wood and acrylic with our CO2 laser cutters. Unfortunately, we cannot cut metals, but we can engrave. If you want a more detailed explanation of the possibilities of laser cutting check the possibilities page →


    In addition to cutting materials, there is also a lot of engraving in the workshop.

    Many materials are engraved with the CO2 lasers, with a range of 1150 x 1200 x 500mm (l x w x h), large objects can be provided with your own logos / texts.

    In addition to the CO2 lasers, Luxigo also has Fiber Lasers, these lasers are fantastic for engraving metals. We do not have metals in stock, but can be supplied by yourself or we can order after consultation. Engraving with a Fiber Laser is fast and very accurate, a disadvantage is the smaller range of 300 x 300 x 200mm (l x w x h).