Are you curious about what Luxigo can do for your company or do you want to enter into a partnership? Contact us and we will see together what we can do for each other!

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    Luxigo is currently working closely with AcrylopMaat and WoodyMaps. As soon as orders arrive, Luxigo prepares the orders and sends them to the customer or they are notified that they can pick them up.

    In addition, Luxigo has entered into a tight collaboration with and Van der Werff Design

    Kraeck is a company that deals with wooden games made by laser cutting.

    Van der Werff Design makes wooden lamps.

    As soon as an order is placed, we ensure that this order is cut and engraved as soon as possible, sometimes to size, after which it can be shipped.

    Luxigo is always open to possible collaborations. Do you have an idea? Please do not hesitate to contact us. Who knows, great developments may emerge that are interesting for both companies.

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