Making Stamps

Luxigo has the ability to engrave and cut out stamps.

We have stamp rubber available in the size of A4 sheets.

During surface engraving, we mirror the design to be engraved. This makes it normally visible during stamping. The stamp rubber is 3.2 mm thick and we engrave around 1.5 mm away. The engraved rubber can then be stuck to a piece of wood or a stamp holder for stamping.

For surface engraving, we set the speed of the laser head and the power of the laser in our software. With flat engraving, the laser head goes back and forth quickly, whereby the laser head always drops with a certain interval. The interval varies between 0.03 to 0.1 mm, we set the size of the interval ourselves and depend on the size of the object to be engraved. For small texts, we make the interval smaller so that the engraving looks tighter. When engraving larger areas, we also increase the interval so that the engraving will go faster.

Do you want to engrave your own material? Please contact us in advance. We can then often determine what the options are.

Surface engraving stamp