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The materials in stock can be found on the materials page. Do you want to supply your own material? No problem, just put it down to comments, and enter the material type and thickness of the material. We can then determine whether it is possible and what the costs are to cut and/or engrave it.

Are you unsure of your working drawing? Take a look at our instruction page. With well-supplied drawings we can also prepare quotations faster!

Submitting multiple files is no problem. To keep it clear we want to receive the files with the file name like: “Your name – size – material + thickness” (Luxigo – 600×400 – MDF2mm)

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300x200mm560x340mm (Kraftplex)600x400mm700x500mm (Cardboard)900x600mmOther
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Mailbox package: €4,95 (up to 1kg) Normal package: €6,95 (up to 20kg and a size of 900x600 mm) Large package: €13,95 (up to 30kg and a size of 1200x900 mm)