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Moving away!

From 1 February Luxigo will get the key of a new building at the Rotterdamseweg 370 A-13 in Delft.
Because of this we will be closed from January 24 to February 1
and will work a few mornings between February 1 and February 14.
We will update this as well as possible on our contact page.
These weeks we will mainly focus on the move.
Luxigo • Luxigo

Lasercutting and Engraving


Below are the options for our CO2 laser cutters and what is available for the various options.

Supply material or an item yourself? No problem, but first consult. Then we can estimate whether it is possible to cut and / or engrave!


In Stock: Yes

Engraving: Yes

Cutting: Yes


In Stock: Yes

Engraving: Yes

Cutting: Yes


In Stock: Partly*

Engraving: Yes

Cutting: No


In Stock: No

Engraving: Yes

Cutting: No


In Stock: No

Engraving: Yes

Cutting: Yes


In Stock: No

Engraving: Yes

Cutting: Yes

* Luxigo has a few wine glasses, normal glasses and shot glasses in stock.

Curious about the opening times of Luxigo?

On Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we are mostly open from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM.
Thursday and Friday are variable.
On our contact page you will find the current opening times per week!


Luxigo uses standard low prices for laser cutting, engraving and designing orders.

The total cost of laser cutting depends on the following factors:

Prices are incl VAT

Designing: € 0,65 per minute

Laser cutting and engraving: € 0,85 per minute

Studentprice: €0,65 per minute (study-related projects)

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Luxigo has written instructions for various CAD and vector programs.

If there is no instruction available for your program, try to use the following settings as much as possible:


Outer cutting line: Black– rgb(0,0,0) – stroke: 0,05mm

Inner cutting line: Red – rgb(255,0,0) – stroke: 0,05mm

Line engraving: Green – rgb(0,255,0) – stroke: 0,05mm

Surface engraving: Blue– rgb(0,0,255) – fill (no stroke)

Do you have no idea what this is about but still want some laser cutting? Please contact us. We are always ready to help!

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“The name Luxigo represents what we do.
Lux is Latin for light and Exigo means exactly.
Together this becomes Luxigo, or precisely with light.”
Luxigo • Luxigo



  • Luxigo • Luxigo  Erg tevreden met luxigo! Ze denken goed met je mee, zijn erg communicatief en staan altijd klaar voor nieuwe opdrachten, zelfs als die wat last moment zijn proberen ze zo goed mogelijk te helpen! Kwaliteit is ook altijd erg goed, ze hebben veel ervaring en weten precies wat er wel en niet mogelijk en mooi is! Zijn ook niet bang om wat te experimenteren 🙂 Goede prijs, goede kwaliteit en heel erg klantvriendelijk! Toppers!

    Luxigo • Luxigo Jan-Willem Manenschijn
  • Luxigo • Luxigo  Snelle levering en topservice.

    Luxigo • Luxigo Wesley Strang
  • Luxigo • Luxigo  Daan van Luxigo is erg vriendelijk. Reageert snel, ook in het weekend. Ze zijn oplossingsgericht en denken goed met je mee. Ik twijfelde tussen twee materialen en door de kennis vanuit Luxigo viel meteen één materiaal af waardoor ik de juiste keuze kon maken. Prachtig resultaat en een goede prijs-kwaliteitsverhouding 🙂 Ik ben erg tevreden, een aanrader!

    Luxigo • Luxigo Kimberley in 't Veen
  • Luxigo • Luxigo  I have been working together with Luxigo for a while for laser cutting and making electrochemical cells. Both Ijsbrand and Daan are very friendly and have helped me a lot with making my cells both in design and in the material side. I have also found that they provide plexiglasses at a cheaper price than some other shops. Overall things get done at quicker time and affordable rate.

    Luxigo • Luxigo Prakash Venkatesan
  • Luxigo • Luxigo  Highly recommended!!

    Luxigo • Luxigo Zhovana Kh

“Luxigo, tailored service!”