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We have standard low prices for laser cutting, engraving and designing orders.

The total cost of laser cutting depends on the following factors:

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Prices are incl VAT

Designing: € 0,90 per minute

Laser cutting and engraving: € 0,90 per minute

Studentprice: €0,70 per minute (study-related projects)

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We have written instructions for various CAD and vector programs.

If there is no instruction available for your program, try to use the following settings as much as possible:


Outer cutting line: Black– rgb(0,0,0) – stroke: 0,05mm

Inner cutting line: Red – rgb(255,0,0) – stroke: 0,05mm

Line engraving: Green – rgb(0,255,0) – stroke: 0,05mm

Surface engraving: Blue– rgb(0,0,255) – fill (no stroke)

Do you have no idea what this is about but still want some laser cutting? Please contact us. We are always ready to help!

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“The name Luxigo represents what I do.
Lux is Latin for light and Exigo means exactly.
Together this becomes Luxigo, or precisely with light.”


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